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The RollerCoaster of Entrepreneurship

June 21, 2010

Today I enjoyed an hour in a quaint Syracuse restaurant sitting in a circular booth with three of my favorite friends and women entrepreneurs discussing the roller coaster effect of life and entrepreneurship. Each of us have just experienced or have recently survived the sudden death of a loved one, a divorce, a struggling business or a major health crisis. The sisterly conversation spoke of the roller coaster emotions produced by the experiences on us as entrepreneurs and women. Since business is intertwined in life, it’s hard for a woman entrepreneur to keep struggles in business from not affecting their personal lives or personal sufferings from not influencing our role as entrepreneurs. 

What we discovered as we caught each other up on the upswing or downswing of our personal and business lives was the fact we all were surviving and doing well.  Entrepreneurship can produce emotions found on a roller coaster ride – anticipating the high points and dreading the plunge to the bottom.  There have been times when the bottom never seemed to come. One day when we thought a situtation was at its very worst,  at the very bottom it could reach, we sometimes found the following day was actually lower. Only over time, did we start the slow climb towards the top again. Eventually we rejoiced in the view from the top knowing we survived that one specific bad time. 

Sharing the reality of business life with other women has always been one of the main reasons I love promoting women entrepreneurship through my company Women TIES. I like the opportunity of surrounding women with other women who “get” what they’re going through, aren’t afraid to acknowledge it, and are willing to jump in the roller coaster with a sister entrepreneur to keep her company until the ride is over.  Life is good sometimes even at the bottom as long as you have other women entrepreneurs at your side.

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