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Fifth Year Business Anniversary Lessons

March 3, 2010

Five years ago today – March 3, 2005 – I nervously walked up to a podium at the Room Full of Sisters  event turned around and faced an audience of 300 women waiting to hear my announcement. Even though I was an experienced public speaker, I was nervous. Scanning the crowd I saw my good friend Gwen Webber-McLeod and my new friend Cynthia Aikman beaming from the audience. They knew what I was going to say. “Hi, I’m Tracy Higginbotham, the proud owner of Women TIES! Three hours ago, I signed the paperwork to begin this company with the hopes of creating a regional marketplace for women entrepreneurs around the state because I believe in the buying power of women.” Thunderous applause and smiling faces greeted the news and washed over me. Acceptance, energy and validation flooded through my veins. I knew this was going to be something!

Today is Women TIES 5th Anniversary! The road has been both a long and joyous one. After first starting this venture, I was stunned to face critics and skeptics in the business community who doubted my motives. I had to perfect and sell this “unique” regional organization to people who didn’t understand it. I had to plan events hoping and praying women would come. Through it all, my passion for creating a larger regional, and eventually state-wide, organization lead me past the critics, apprehension and uncertainties. Through it all, it was you and all the women I came in contact with who deepened my commitment and resolve to make this company successful.

Motivation came from the phone calls of members telling me they were securing new regional business; seeing women “live the mission” by getting on the road and traveling to other cities to open up their marketplace; and women who were collaborating together on new projects, events and products. Every person along this five year journey has energized me to do more.

Today’s blog is to thank all the women who have crossed my path the past five years as an event attendee, member or weekly reader of my popular Wednesday Wisdom enewsletter. I love being inspired and for five years you have inspired me to do all I can to make this world a better place for women entrepreneurs. I have always said that at the end of my life what will matter most to me is how many lives I have touched in a positive way, how many women entrepreneurs I have helped and the ripple effects of that assistance, and living a life full of purpose and passion.

I encourage you today to celebrate your own entrepreneurial spirit. You are living a wonderful life. Love what you are doing for yourself, your customers, and the greater business community. Thank you for allowing me to inspire, educate and promote your business for five years. There’s so much more to come! Stay involved and together we can make a significant impact on the success of women entrepreneurs everywhere!

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