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Stir Up Fresh Ideas

August 7, 2009

In this month’s Ladies Home Journal, writer Marisa Fox interviews actresses Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, and director Nora Ephron about their careers and their new movie, “Julia and Julie.” The movie tells the stories behind two women who discover the “joy and redemptive power of cooking.” It also details the entrepreneurial spirit of two totally different women – a famous chef and author whose bestselling book wasn’t published until she was 50; and a young fictional character whose popularity soars when she blogs every day about the 524 recipes in Child’s world famous book. It’s amazing how entrepreneurship is woven into all fabrics of our world.
What struck me most about the article was the comments by the famous actresses that even though they are acclaimed performers, they worry about where their next job is coming. As Streep says, “Unemployment opens its mouth at the end of each job, and you think, no one will ever hire me again, and then they do.”  I know many women entrepreneurs have felt the same way after they’ve finished a major project and ended work on a crucial account. We doubt our abilities even though we were just extremely successful.
The director of the movie also comments on the evolution of one’s career. Every ten years she questions whether what she is doing is enough. “You’ve got to find ways to keep it fresh for yourself. To do the things, as they say, that is a stretch.”  Just like this woman, as business owners we have to continue to stretch ourselves, to create new opportunities, to innovate, and to keep things fresh to remain vibrant in mind, spirit and business. 
Today remind yourself to keep your thoughts clear, your ideas fresh, and your outlook positive. There will always be business for our companies if we are doing the right things. Today make sure you are stirring up thoughts to create fresh ideas, churning nervous energy into finding new clients and enjoying the fruits of your labor. I’m sure Julia Child would even tell you at the end of the day to grab a glass of wine and some Roasted Tarragon Chicken and relish your accomplishments. Bon Appetite!

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