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Regional Networking Works

July 24, 2009

The buzz around Central New York (and perhaps everywhere) is how unusually slow the summer has been for many businesses. What solutions are there for women entrepreneurs to take this time to focus on having a better Fall season. 

The answer lies in regional networking. In order for all size businesses to survive, not just the big ones, green ones or women owned ones, we must all focus on buying from, selling to, and strategically marketing to businesses not only locally but regionally.
I personally encourage women entrepreneurs to get on the “road” and expand their marketplace by attending events in other regional cities. At our last strategic networking luncheon, we had women who traveled to Syracuse from Ithaca, Penn Yan, Albany, and Rochester. They believe in Women TIES mission of regional networking, and it works. I encourage all companies to embrace the same philosophy.  Expand your mind, expand your marketplace and then watch your sales expand.

I also suggest businesses operating in a slower time period to revisit sales and marketing plans set in January. By re-examining your goals, re-evaluating the economy, tracking your sales and setting new strategies, you’ll be focused on a more successful fourth quarter sales period.  When you feel you aren’t moving forward, start doing something positive today to start some new momentum.

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