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Success Strategies from the Seashore

July 10, 2009

While vacationing at the most famous amusement park in the USA, an ultra modern hotel in Miami and a quaint family resort in Sanibel Island, I was inspired by the business strategies of some of the places I visited.  Today’s blog entry is to share some of the lessons I learned while traveling.

The one common element that makes a business “excellent” is their high level of quality. Quality is seen in the physical atmosphere of the company, in the dress and conduct of its employees, and in the attention to detail. Quality runs through every blood line and desk top in a company dedicated to excellence.

A “five star resort” has five star staff willing to do anything for its customer. No problem is too hard to handle, information to assist the guest in enjoying their stay is paramount, and being extremely friendly and welcoming sets the tone for the stay and the return. Aren’t return clients what we are always looking for?

Be vibrant. Vibrant in spirit, vibrant in language, vibrant in enthusiasm. Make every experience with your company enjoyable and unforgetable. Stand out above the crowd by being vibrant in all you do and offer.

Go beyond what is expected by your clients. Try to exceed your customers expectations on quality, customer service, appearance, and follow-through without promising it to them. By managing a 100% quality company, your clients will notice, return and tell their friends while helping you increase your sales. All it takes is a commitment to excellence.

Remember the small details count  the most. Sometimes the small details are what customers remember most about doing business with you. It could be the beautiful flowers adorning the welcome desk, extra discounts given that aren’t expected, or small tokens of gratitude for the business. Think big when it comes to making the small details count.

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