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Protecting Our Companies

July 7, 2009

For the past week, the headlines have focused on the extraordinary life and death of pop singer Michael Jackson. The extensive media coverage has examined every part of his life, career and contributions to the world. Ever since he was discovered as a gifted young singer, he not only shared his talents with the world but he created a global business empire. This week as I listened to the coverage from the entrepreneurial side of the story, two important topics resonated with me as a woman entrepreneur.

While we are doing this we are creating a unique brand – distinctive and protectable corporate intellectual property belonging only to us. For the next months, protecting and controlling Michael Jackson’s brand, image, intellectual property will be a major issue for executors of his estate and family.  Although many of us will never create such an iconic brand, we have in fact created and possess our own corporate intellectual property.

Today’s blog is to remind you that you are creating a unique and valuable corporate brand that needs protection. Make sure you know what you need to do to protect it. I hope you will be inspired this week to also continue to do the crucial work you are doing – in Michael’s words – “to change the world.”

We are all born to share our talents with the world. Every day people everywhere share their talents in diverse ways – some through community service, some as corporate employees, some in political positions. For women who choose to become entrepreneurs, we share our talents by creating unique and purposeful companies that provide beneficial services and products for consumers. Not unlike Michael, we recognize our gifts and abilities and passionately “perform” our duties to move the masses and ultimately encourage corporate sales to make us more financially successful.

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