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Unleashing Your Creativity

June 6, 2009

At a recent Women TIES event in Ithaca, women entrepreneur Erin McKenna Nowak, President of Bride Design, ( shared the following success strategies on unleashing your creativity with women entrepreneurs.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Difficult problems and situtations may be scary, but they’re wonderful for creativity, because they cause old ideas to “resurge” and multiple ideas to compete. We can spur creativity by seeking challenges and learning to manage failure. Try at least one new thing a day.

Make Creativity an Important Part of Your Life: The generation of new ideas is perhaps the most important creative activity we do as entrepreneurs. it is vital to our survival. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to and preserve any ideas we  might have, even if they don’t seem valuable at the moment. Carry a pad with you each day and write down thoughts or sketch quick ideas.

Choose to Look at a Problem from Different Angles: A major block to creativity for many of us is the mind’s fierce grip on reality. Always try and see beyond the historical or accepted use of an item, service or concept. Create a list of 100 new ideas for your business.

Suspend Judgement: Judging too soon is one common way to shut down your creativity. You must allow yourself to think freely and entertain all ideas. When ideas are brought forth, no critical comments are allowed. What-iffing is a great excerise to train the mind to explore unreality or imagined reality.

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