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The Saleswoman Who Could

April 29, 2009

Women entrepreneurs are the ultimate sales representatives for their companies. In order to sell and sell well, you must believe you can.  Making sales calls is not always on the top of our to-do-list, yet sales are the lifeblood of a corporation. So what does a woman entrepreneur need to be the best saleswoman for her company? We’ve listed some advice to help you succeed in sales today.

Your Total Belief System: You must believe that you work for the greatest company in the world, that you offer the greatest products and services in the world, and that you are the greatest person in the world, or you are in the wrong job. High self-belief leads to high success. Medium self-belief leads to medium success. Low self-belief leads to low success.

Belief Drives Passion: Mediocrity steams from lack of belief more than lack of skill. Passion is the intangible in a salesperson’s presentation that makes the message transferable. Passion exhibited by the salesperson creates a desire to buy in the heart and mind of the prospect.

Have the attitude of YES: I think I can is a “yes” thought, not just a positive thought. It is a positive determination with a positive projected outcome. It is more than determination. It’s YES. A “yes” attitude is stated in terms of what can be done. Think  you can.

Invest Your Time In Things That Help You Succeed: How many hours of the day do you spend in ‘non-success’ areas? Time wasters like TV re-runs, news for the second time today, or someone else’s drama? What could you achieve if you took half of that time and invested it in studying about your biggest business obstacle or biggest business opportunity?

Give Value First:  Put valuable information in the hands of your most probable purchasers so that they may benefit, get to know you, come to respect you, and then call you wanting to purchase. This is not a theory, it’s a strategy that works.

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  1. May 7, 2009 12:01 pm

    All the above advices are so true, but I think there is one more important advice:
    When a door is slammed infront your face – find a new window to be opened.
    Don’t enter to self pity, focused all your energy to find what else, what new moves can be done. Try to think as one of your customers and imagin what new idea can attract him.
    P.S – sorry for my English but hope that the main idea was understood


  2. May 7, 2009 3:11 pm

    Thanks for your comment. I love your positive attitude and self direction in the face of defeat. Women entrepreneurs are best at remaining positive when all else fails. Kudos.


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