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Media Marketing Transitions

March 18, 2009

As I observe the landscape this morning, I see the transitions occurring in nature as the winter and spring seasons begin to blend. The frozen ice on our pond turned to clear water again, the white snow that colored the ground is replaced by a dark green and brown hue, the bare branches in the tree are speckled with brilliant red cardinals. Change occurs so subtly at times.

Just as in nature, businesses experience change and the way of doing business changes. It wasn’t too long ago when having a website was innovative, when traditional media marketing was the only way to advertise your business, and when operating a store front was the proper place to run a company. Just like the seasons bump into each other, the old and new ways of doing business collide.

In the last two weeks, with the promotion of the new “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms” book ( ) , I was propelled into the world of social media marketing – a new and exciting frontier in business marketing. Within one week, it opened up Women TIES to new people, places and opportunities I wouldn’t have dreamed of last month. The shift in connecting, marketing and networking is crashing into the old traditional advertising methods. Just like we need to put away the boots and jackets to embrace the spring, we need to put away some old ways of advertising to embrace a new marketing age.

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