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Shooting for the Spotlight

February 18, 2009

About five years ago there was a popular song called “Mrs. Jones and Me.” The song was about the singer’s longing for fame, recognition and stardom. The most popular line of the song was, “When I look at the television, I want to see me, staring right back at me.” Not every woman entrepreneur strives to be in the limelight, in front of the cameras or on all the airwaves, but many of us would love the chance to have our business there. We understand if Oprah picked our product as one of her “favorite things” our sales would skyrocket, our company launched into super space, and our future secured.

Well good things do happen to women entrepreneurs who work hard, create the right product and shoot for the stars. Next week at the Women TIES Syracuse luncheon, a woman business owner from my hometown of Rome, New York will detail how her unrelenting belief in her product, her deep desire to sell to national chains and on national airwaves, has landed her exciting opportunities and recent big success! She’ll uncover the type of vision and determination it takes to go big, really big along with some practical strategies.  Attendees will walk away remembering why big risks lead to big rewards.

I’ll also share some exciting national news of my own which will be giving Women TIES some permanent national attention. It wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t believe I could achieve it and didn’t shoot for my own star. I also believe my mother’s influence to have me dance on stage, create plays in my garage, and perform in school concerts, made me comfortable standing in the spotlight and eventually shooting for national media attention.

Today I hope you jump outside of your comfort zone, write down a few big ideas, and believe whole heartedly that you can achieve them. If you do, I know sooner than later, “When you look at the television, you’ll see you staring right back at you!”  
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